Cast on stage with their arms raised in the air

We’re headed to Melbourne Fringe 2023!

Hold onto your butts Melbourne, we’re headed your way!

Prepare for an uproarious and unforgettable theatrical experience as “Lost in Translation” makes its highly anticipated debut at Melbourne Fringe 2023. Breaking free from its South Australian origins for the first time, this unique live show promises to deliver side-splitting laughter and linguistic chaos to audiences at The Festival Hub at Trades Hall.

“Lost in Translation” takes the most famous, most quotable film scripts, runs them back and forth between different languages, then back into English using an online translator and reads the resulting script live on stage in character with guest actors. The final twist is that the guest stars read the scripts on stage for the first time.

Having garnered a devoted following at Adelaide Fringe since its inception in 2021, “Lost in Translation” has become a cult sensation, with its shows consistently selling out. Audiences have returned time and time again, with each night featuring a different script and line up of guests which inject a fresh burst of energy and spontaneity into the performance. The show’s core cast members Aaron Finan, Sophie Addison, Emma Evans and Lochryn Hearne will be joined by renowned actors and emerging talents. The show promises a unique experience for both performers and viewers alike.

The Melbourne Fringe run of “Lost in Translation” will take place at The Festival Hub’s prestigious Solidarity Hall from Wednesday, October 11th, to Sunday, October 15th. Performances will start at 6:00 p.m. (with an exception of one hour earlier on Sunday).

“I am thrilled beyond words that we are bringing ‘Lost in Translation’ to Melbourne, a city renowned for its love of arts and culture. I am confident that our linguistic hijinks and unexpected takes on these films will leave Melbourne Fringe audiences in stitches.” – Aaron Finan, Co-Creator of “Lost in Translation”

“Lost in Translation” promises to be an unmissable event that will leave audiences doubled over in laughter. Don’t miss your chance to experience this extraordinary fusion of linguistic mayhem and theatrical talent at Melbourne Fringe 2023.

Lost in Translation is presented by Braw Media. For more information and to book tickets, please visit