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Guest Stars at Adelaide Fringe 2021

If you didn’t already know it… We’re coming to Adelaide Fringe 2021! And we’re bringing along a few friends.

Lost in translation is a show where we take the most famous (mostly early 2000’s) film scripts, make them a lot shorter and then run them back and forth between different languages using an online translator. Put more simply… “your favourite movies, translated badly. ” but you can read all about the show and how it came to be here.

Now we’re not sure if you’ve ever seen a movie, but there’s usually quite a few characters, so to make performing the scripts easier we’ve enlisted the help of some amazing Adelaide actors.

Starting out on Monday the 2nd of March helping us perform Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone it’s… Josh Rice of DamnitLeanne and Ginny Zilm!

Then on both the 3rd and 4th we will be performing with just the original Lost in Translation crew (as there are less characters in chicken run and monsters, inc. )

Coming in on Friday the 5th we’ve got Josh Rice returning, as well as his DamnitLeanne co-star, Amy Sincock, to help us perform Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

Finally on Saturday the 6th of March, for the reprise of Harry Potter, we’ve got Ginny Zilm returning along with Maeghan Stace!