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Introducing: Lost in Translation

What is Lost in Translation? Where is Lost in Translation? How is Lost in Translation?

Well I’m here to answer all these questions and more!

What is Lost in Translation?

It’s a show! A live show and a podcast. We take scripts from famous movies, make them shorter and then read them live, but there’s a twist… As the show goes on we translate the script back and forth between more and more languages using the worst online translator we could find (looking at you Bing Translate).

Who is Lost in Translation?

The show is presented by Braw Media and hosted by Aaron Finan, Sophie Addison, Emma Siddons and Lochryn Hearne.

How is Lost in Translation?

Very good, thanks for asking.

What’s the story behind Lost in Translation?


AARON and SOPHIE are driving around the streets of Port Adelaide on their way to an open inspection of an apartment.

What if we did a Fringe show where we took a film script and translated it back and forth between languages until it barely made sense? Would that be funny?

You could call it “Lost in Translation”

Aaron gasps in shock and how good Sophie is at naming things.

We could ask Emma and Lochryn to be a part of the show?

And the rest is history…

When can I see Lost in Translation live in person?

Well luckily for you we’re debuting the show at Adelaide Fringe 2020! Click here to purchase tickets.

How can I stay up to date with Lost in Translation?

You can either follow us on Social Media or subscribe to our newsletter.