The Lost in Translation crew on stage

We’re coming back to Adelaide Fringe for 2022

Lost in Translation returns to Adelaide Fringe 2022 with twice the shows and twice the laughs!

After their successful run at Adelaide Fringe 2021 and launching a podcast, Lost in Translation is returning to the live stage for 2022. Lost in Translation takes scripts of the most famous and most quotable movies and translates them through several languages then back into English, and reads the results live on stage in character. The show breathes new and hilarious life into films everyone has seen and quoted a million times.

Who is in the show?

The show features its creators: Aaron Finan, Sophie Addison, Emma Evans and Lochryn Hearne, along with a variety of guest stars. The performers on stage each take on multiple roles, reading directly from the scripts with absolute commitment. The final twist is that the guest stars haven’t read the script beforehand, meaning they are just as surprised as the audience. Lost in Translation plays with your expectations, turning the most predictable films into the most unpredictable comedies.

What films are you translating this year?

This year the Lost in Translation crew have two new films in their rotation: Titanic and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. They will also be bringing back crowd favourites from last year: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring and Chicken Run with a few fresh translations thrown in.

“After testing the waters last year, this is us diving in head first. We’ve listened to what audience members said they wanted last year and are delivering. This year features more shows, more scripts and more jokes on each page.” – Aaron Finan.

When and where can I see the show?

Lost In Translation hits the stage again at 6:15pm from opening night of Adelaide Fringe on Friday 18th of February to Saturday 5th of March in Drama Llama at Rhino Room. Lost in Translation is presented by Braw Media and is supported by the Arts Recovery Fund, Department of the Premier and Cabinet through Arts South Australia