Cast on stage from behind

New Podcast Episode: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Exciting news for fans of the Lost in Translation! We have a new podcast episode out…

Lost in Translation presents: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, recorded live at the Rhino Room during the Adelaide Fringe 2023 festival. This episode marks the first recording release since December 2021, and there’s an extra treat in store: for the first time, viewers can watch a video recording of the entire performance on YouTube.

Lost in Translation takes the most famous, most quotable film scripts and runs them through various languages before translating them back into English using an online translator, then reads them live on stage in character.

For the Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone episode, the cast includes regulars Aaron Finan, Sophie Addison, Emma Evans, and Lochryn Hearne. They are joined by special guests Amy Sincock, Kendra Cowan, and Marshall Cowan. What sets this episode apart is that the guest stars are reading the translated script for the very first time during the live performance, adding an element of surprise and spontaneity to their interpretations.

The recording captures the energy and laughter of the live performance, showcasing the incredible comedic talent of the cast. From misinterpreted spells to hilarious dialogue exchanges, the Lost in Translation team masterfully embraces the unpredictable nature of translation mishaps. Harry Potter fans are in for a treat as they witness beloved characters and iconic moments from the film being hilariously reimagined through the lens of translation blunders.

Lost in Translation is produced by Braw Media. The podcast’s participation in the Adelaide Fringe 2023 festival was made possible with the support of the City of Adelaide.